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A tool to enrich your job search

All of the data and notes related to your job search in one easy to access place. Easily keep on top of the job postings that are interesting to you.

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Track details about each opportunity

Track company details as well as links to job descriptions, company web sites, glassdoor ratings and reviews, as well as your initial thoughts about the job posting. Store the name of contacts at each company with their contact details and links to their LinkedIn profile. This makes it very easy to quickly prepare for upcoming interviews.

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Manage recruiter relationships

Optionally keep track of recruiter information included which job opportunities origintaed from each recruiter. This can show you which recruiters are yielding quality job opportunities. Reach out to a recruiter with just a click. See all pending opportunities for each recruiter so you can making it easier to discuss all of your options when you contact them.

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Keep all of your notes together

Keep all of your notes for each job opportunity in one place. This give you a single place to refresh your memory each time you have an interaction with a company. Notes are fully searchable using the global search.

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Your entire job search in one place

No more spreadsheets and kanban boards designed for something else. Just all of the information about your job search in one single place.

Track interesting job postings
Store company names, websites, job titles, salary ranges, contact information, and Glassdoor ratings.
Links to relavent websites
Store links to job descriptions, company websites, LinkedIn profiles and Glassdoor reviews.
Work with recruiters
Optionally keep track of which recruiters introduced you to which opportunities. See your entire relationship at a glance.
Manage contacts
Keep contact details and links to LinkedIn profiles for each contact you meet during the interview process.
Login with LinkedIn
No need to create another account, you can use your LinkedIn profile to log into Job Tracker.
Record Glassdoor Ratings
Optionally track Glassdoor ratings and a link to Glassdoor reviews of potential employers.
Keep your notes together
Quickly add notes to individual job descriptions so you can easily review the entire history as preparation for job interviews.
Search everything
The global search box will search for keywords in job titles, company names, recruiter names, and your notes.